Missoula Audi Repair & Maintenance

Audi is one of the pillars of the German luxury car business.  In addition to that honor, Audi has one of the biggest and most varied model line-ups of any car brand, with almost everything from a supermini to a supercar.

They are quality vehicles that rely on the latest technology which ensures its drivers have access to all the electrical features associated with their image of modern luxury.  Unfortunately, failure of electrical components can be a common issue with Audi.

Audi Repair & MaintenanceElectrical problems are the most common issue, but Audi owners have also gone on to report that ignition coil failure, oil leaks, and the replacement of parts, such as oxygen sensors and catalytic converters are not uncommon.

Many of these issues are due to the wearing down of replaceable parts and, if a strategic maintenance schedule is followed, are an easy, and more affordable, fix.  But because these vehicles are so specialized, problems can tend to be unique to the vehicle itself.

Therefore, it is important that you only trust a repair shop that is factory trained and experienced in Audi repair. Wes’s Wagons is locally owned, family operated and can do just about any mechanical service your Audi requires.

Our Specialized Audi Services

It takes a specialist to work on Audi vehicles. They bridge the gap between quality, technology, and luxury. Our Master Technician has factory training in Audi repairs, resulting in dealership quality work and satisfied customers.

Originally an off-road rally car, Audi runs the gambit in the vehicles it produces. An Audi owner can be seen driving the Audi Q5 SUV, the A3, A4, A6 sedans – each more impressive than the last, and the iconic, performance leading, Audi TT.

As a small business, we understand that your vehicle is a means to your livelihood. We will apply our specific knowledge in the most efficient manner, to ensure you are back on the road as quick as possible. We are confident in what we do and look forward to becoming your new mechanic and service shop of choice.

Why Choose An Audi Specialist Over Other Mechanics?

You drive an Audi because you do not want to drive an ordinary vehicle. So why would take your Audi to an ordinary mechanic?

We are trained for these specific vehicles and can offer you a level of attention not found at an ordinary repair shop and a level of service not found at the dealership. You shouldn’t take their car to some mechanic who doesn’t know how to work on these specialized vehicles.

We offer great Audi repair and maintenance services at great prices. Because of our factory training, experience, and independence, we can meet or beat the prices of all dealership services.

Audi Repairs – From Belt To Gas Cap

Besides common electrical issues, Audi’s do associate with a few other shared problems. It is not uncommon for Audi owners to experience the need to recharge the A/C system, repair the suspension, or replace CV joints, and more. Common replacements, such as brake pads, hoses and belts, gaskets, and bulbs will always be a reality to Audi drivers.

We are familiar with all of these issues and, by following Audi’s specific standards, we are familiar with how to correct them. We even know why that pesky fuel light keeps coming on.

Fortunately, and often, these are simply the replacing of worn out parts – such as rubber and plastic pieces. But, when these symptoms are ignored, it leads to more expensive repair. A maintenance schedule should be put in place.

Audi Maintenance – From Leaks To Plugs

Audi is known to have issues with ignition and spark plug failure. This is most often attributed to a lower quality spark plug. This can be frustrating, but easily avoided when you trust your Audi to certified specialists and their recommended preventative maintenance services.

We specialize in what common maintenance services are needed for your Audi to reach its full potential.

From oil and filter changes to fluid checks, Wes’s Wagons will strive to keep your vehicle on the road.

Wes’s Wagons: For All Your Audi Needs

We believe we possess the knowledge, experience, and service ability needed to work on your vehicle.

We’re locally owned, family operated, and we can do just about any mechanical service your car requires. We have over 15 years’ experience and look forward to earning your business

After we earn your business, we plan on keeping it.

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