Missoula Subaru Repair & Maintenance

Subaru has long been known for its rugged durability and longevity. Think about it. Next time you are on the road, take note of how many Subaru’s you see around Missoula. Now, make note of how many are over ten years old. These cars are built to last.

Unfortunately, every car is going to need repairs at some time in its life cycle.  Subaru vehicles have been known to experience some of the expected issues.

For example, some common issues Subaru faces are the air conditioner blowing warm during the summer months, loss of lubrication in the C/V Axle DOJ boots, wearing down of front suspension bushings, leaking head gaskets, and leaking oil Cooler O-Rings. Of course, more issue can arise – just like any vehicle – but research shows these issues as being commonly reported amongst Subaru owners.

subaru repairThese issues are often attributed to worn out O-rings and other rubber parts. Montana’s dry climate accelerates the cracking and deterioration of rubber parts such as belts and bushings.

The good news is that these issues are fixable, and often preventable. Wes’s Wagons is the solution you have been looking for.

Our Specialized Subaru Services

Wes’ Wagons is Missoula’s Premier Subaru Repair Shop covering your vehicle “Bumper to Bumper and Everything in Between.” We have over 15 years’ experience and are factory trained in Subaru repair and maintenance.

Some common Subaru models we work on are the Subaru Outback, the Subaru Forester, the Subaru Impreza, the Subaru Legacy, the Subaru Crosstrek, and more.

If your Subaru is experiencing any loss of performance, consider bringing it to a certified Subaru Specialist.

Why Choose A Subaru Specialist Over Other Mechanics?

Wes’s Wagons offers superior service for Subaru vehicles because we specialize in imports. We are trained for these specific vehicles and can offer insight that few others can.

People shouldn’t take their car to some mechanic who doesn’t know how to work on these specialized vehicles. And people should be wary of the over expense of the dealership.

Wes’s Wagons offers the best of both worlds. We are a local, independent Missoula business that offers dealership services at affordable prices.

Subaru Repairs – From Head Gaskets To CV Joints

Head gasket leaks can be a problematic issue for certain Subaru’s. In fact, some years and models are affected more than others. Common symptoms include low coolant and oil levels, overheating, and sometimes a burning smell caused by these fluids dripping down on the hot exhaust.

Your A/C blowing warm in the summer is another issue we see. This is usually attrivuted to the wearing out of the O-rings that seal the A/C system. Once a leak is identified and fixed the system can be recharged with refrigerant allowing the air conditioning to function properly again.

CV Joints, or specifically, the inner joint – or DOJ for double offset joint – is vulnerable to splitting open and leaking grease onto the exhaust. This can cause a burning smell, and the loss of lubrication can lead to the joint to wearing out prematurely if not addressed. If caught early enough the technician can remove the axle, clean and re-lubricate the joint, and replace the DOJ boot. Otherwise, the entire axle may need to be replaced.

Should you experience any of these issues, do not add generic leak stop products, quick-fix solutions, or other “band-aids” and bring your vehicle in immediately.  Be sure to recognize that car trouble is never convenient and make the time to get your vehicle the proper care it needs.

Oftentimes, these are simply the replacing of worn out parts – such as rubber and plastic pieces. But, when these symptoms are ignored, it leads to more expensive repair. A maintenance schedule should be put in place.

Subaru Maintenance – From Filters To Spark Plugs

Common maintenance services we offer for your Subaru include: Oil & Filter Changes, Air and Fuel Filter inspection and replacement, Spark Plugs inspection and replacement, Brake, Clutch, Power Steering, and Transmission Fluid Checks, Brake and Brake Component inspection and repair, Belt and Chain inspection and repair, and Error Code checks.

When left unchecked, easily preventable issues can arise. This results in higher costs and less time using your Subaru in the adventures for which you bought it.

Wes’s Wagons: For All Your Subaru Needs

Wes’s Wagons is your one-stop auto repair shop in Missoula, MT.

We specialize in all things Subaru. We’re fast and affordable with rates that meet or beat most dealerships. This means you get dealership quality work at a much better price!

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