Volkswagen Auto Repair

There’s a reason they call it the “people’s car” – because people absolutely love owning a Volkswagen! But, with great power comes great responsibility, and that means it is up to you to make sure your Volkswagen receives the proper care when it is time for repairs.

Volkswagen has had a storied history since its inception, but the 21st century really does represent a new era for Volkswagen. It’s product line includes some of the bestselling models in the United States and around the world. It’s important that you choose a Volkswagen mechanic that is well-versed in this evolution and can keep up with the times.

Why Choose A Certified VW Repair Shop Vs. A Dealership?

When people think of repairs, especially when it concerns an automobile as special as a Volkswagen, their first thought is to take it to a dealership. This is understandable because, most likely, you purchased your vehicle from a dealer and they may have led you to believe that only they have the capabilities to repair your Volkswagen properly. Fortunately for you, this is not the case.

There are people out there that love working on automobiles. In fact, they’ve been able to earn a living by opening their own shop or, at times, working for the owners of an independent shop. Sometimes, these business owners are not valued for they can actually bring to the consumer.

Did you know that independent mechanics can become certified through Volkswagen? This means that you have the opportunity to avoid the long lines and subpar service that dealerships are known for and jump to the front of the line for your VW repairs. By taking your Volkswagen to a Certified VW Repair Shop, you are receivieng, at a minimum, the same service a dealership provides. And, more often than not, you receive better service due to the personal attention and establishment of a long relationship with your mechanic.

This is bad news for the dealership, but good news for you. A Certified VW Repair Shop goes through the exact level of training as is found in a dealership and a certified VW repair shop offers a more personalized approach to the vehicle and its driver.

Common Volkswagen Repairs

Volkswagen offers some of the most dependable cars on today’s market. They are known for their fuel efficiency, speed and performance, ruggedness, and longevity. And, best of all, every model has won nearly every safety award imaginable. Even though a Volkswagen purchase is a great investment, like every vehicle, repairs are inevitable – some more than others.

The most common problem that Volkswagen owners face in repairing their vehicles is the availability of VW’s specialized tools. While many automobiles utilize universal parts that can be manipulated with standard tools, Volkswagen utilizes special components that necessitate distinct tools.

Another commonly reported issue, particularly in late-model Jetta’s, is with the check engine light. Though the problem may just be with the wiring, it is still always best to take the car into a certified VW mechanic. It is much better to be safe than sorry when faced with an actual problem your car is warning you about.

Other than some loose brackets here and there, if a Volkswagen experiences any problems, it will be unique to that vehicle. However, it is always a good idea, with whatever vehicle you own, to take the car to an expert if there is a problem.

Things To Watch Out For With Your VW

Just like all the other high-end cars, Volkswagens may cost more to operate and maintain. And, like other cars, one could be more affected than another when it comes to repair needs.

Like other German cars, VW’s do, at times, experience electrical issues and modern systems can be difficult to repair or even diagnose. When you follow your regular Volkswagen maintenance schedules and assuming you bring your VW to a certified mechanic, these issues are usually caught before they become a major issue.

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