Important Volkswagen Service Information

Volkswagens have the well-earned reputation of being solid vehicles. They are known for running great, generally good fuel efficiency, being solidly built, with an attention to detail that will rival any other vehicle manufacturer.

They are also some of the safest vehicles on the road with an added history of dependability.

With all this in mind, it is a sad reality that, at times, your VW will need to be brought in for service.

Why Is It So Important To Service Your Volkswagen?

Owning a Volkswagen offers its drivers a sense of swagger. This is a good thing, but it becomes a problem when you ignore what your VW needs. No matter the make and model, your Volkswagen is going to need regular service in order for it to reach its full potential and lifespan.

Just like Mother Nature’s creatures, your Volkswagen is going to need regular oil and filter changes, tire rotations, and will run out of washer fluid. It might even need more than that.

It is best to not leave anything up to chance and ensure your vehicle has everything it needs by adhering to a manufacturer recommended service schedule.

VW Recommended Service Schedule

You know that you need to service your Volkswagen, but you might not be sure what is supposed to happen when. Having these regular checkups will help improve the resale value of your car should you decide to eventually sell it or trade it in. It will also help to prevent major breakdowns of your car.

Common maintenance services we offer for your Volkswagen include: Oil & Filter Changes, Air and Fuel Filter inspection and replacement, Spark Plugs inspection and replacement, Brake, Clutch, Power Steering, and Transmission Fluid Checks, Brake and Brake Component inspection and repair, Belt and Chain inspection and repair, and Error Code checks.

The 10,000-mile mark is one of the biggest for your VW. Here is where you will get your oil changed, fluids checked, tires rotated, and a visual inspection to ensure everything is working as it should.

At 30,000 miles, all the services done at the 10,000 mark should be repeated. Your VW mechanic should also do a thorough inspection of your brake pads and check for corrosion on your discs. During this checkup, your mechanic might also recommend balancing your front tires, inspecting the alignment, and draining and refilling the coolant.

The 60,000-mile service should include everything done at the previous maintenance visit. In addition, now is the time to check your battery and make sure it doesn’t need to be replaced. Your mechanic will also inspect shocks, brakes, all filters, and the tread on your tires.

The 120,000-mile mark typically comes around the seventh or eighth year of owning your car. As your car ages, it unfortunately wears down. As mileage increases, the milestone checks become more comprehensive and more important. Be vigilant as your car ages to make sure it lasts as long as possible and to avoid breakdowns.  At the 80,000- and 120,000-mile milestones, your mechanic will check everything as before, and you will need to watch for corrosion of the body.

Follow your owner’s manual’s guidelines regarding oil changes, tire rotations, and the like. Keeping up your car is important. Don’t skip any of these important milestones.

Helpful Volkswagen Service & Maintenance Tips

A certain level of preventative maintenance should go along with every purchase – especially one as valuable as a Volkswagen. Sometimes car problems are unavoidable. Other times, they can be prevented with proper care and maintenance.

Here at Wes’s Wagons, we want your VW to continue running strong. Of course, regular visits to our expert service department will really go a long way in your vehicle’s overall health, but consider a few Volkswagen maintenance tips and tricks that you can perform on your own to prevent problems down the road.

One thing that should always be done is a visual inspection. Remember drivers education class? One thing we were taught as young learners was exactly this; walk around your vehicle before each trip. If we do this on a regular basis, we can notice things like damaged lights, debris under the wiper blades, scratched and/or cracked windows and windshield, loose parts, etc. By utilizing a proper, and common, inspection, you have the opportunity to notice issues before they become problems.

Pay attention to odd noises and be conscious of your vehicle’s fluid levels. Sometimes sensors don’t pick up everything and, in the case of low fluid or an under-inflated tire, the damage could cause far more money than it would if it was caught in time.

All models of Volkswagen require a high level of service expertise to handle the technology. Our employees are trained in technology by Volkswagen as per certified Volkswagen training programs. You can be sure: nobody in Missoula knows Volkswagen better than we do.

Finding A Qualified Volkswagen Service Center Near You

People shouldn’t trust their vehicle to some subpar mechanic who doesn’t know how to work on your Volkswagen. And people do not have to be held hostage by long wait times and the pricey service that comes with the traditional dealership experience.

Wes’s Wagons offers the best of both worlds. We are a local, independent Missoula business that offers dealership services at affordable prices.

If you are in the Missoula area and are looking for a qualified VW Service Center, then look no further than Wes’s Wagons. We are Certified VW Mechanics with over 15 years’ experience in servicing and maintaining all models of Volkswagens.

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