Missoula Volkswagen Repair & Maintenance

Volkswagen means “People’s Car” in German. While its founding may be considered suspect, it has transitioned into one of the world’s most efficient and reliable automobiles.

The fact that your Volkswagen will eventually need repair is an uncomfortable reality to face. Volkswagen vehicles have been known to experience some common issues.

VW Repair & MaintenanceFor example, some shared concerns between VW vehicles are oil sludge, wiring harness shorts, coil failure, and the stubborn airbag and check engine lights. Just like any vehicle, more issues can arise, but these seem to be the most commonly reported by Volkswagen owners.

Rest easy, VW owner, it seems that the majority of these problems occur later in the vehicle’s life.  That is good news, but also a reason to bring it to a VW certified shop that specializes in all makes and models of Volkswagen vehicles – no matter the year.

Our Specialized Volkswagen Services

Wes’ Wagons is Missoula’s Premier Volkswagen repair specialist covering your vehicle “Bumper to Bumper and Everything in Between.” We have over 15 years’ experience and are factory trained in Volkswagen repair and maintenance.

Some common VW models we work on are the VW Golf, the VW Jetta, the VW Passat, the VW GTI, the VW Touareg, the iconic VW Beetle, and more. Volkswagen vehicles are known for their longevity and it is important to take your vehicle to a repair shop that can accurately diagnose and repair your vehicle, no matter its age.

If your Volkswagen is experiencing any loss of performance, consider bringing it to a certified Volkswagen Specialist.

Why Choose A Volkswagen Specialist Over Other Mechanics?

Wes Wagon’s offers superior service for Volkswagen vehicles because we specialize in imports. We are trained for these specific vehicles and can offer insight that few others can.

People shouldn’t take their car to some mechanic who doesn’t know how to work on these specialized vehicles. And people should be wary of the over expense of the dealership.

Wes’s Wagons offers the best of both worlds. We are a local, independent Missoula business that offers dealership services at affordable prices.

Volkswagen Repairs – From Coil Failure To Dashboard Warning Lights

The check engine light is a fairly recent problem that happens at low mileage for Jetta models, although it has been known to affect all vehicles across VW’s line. The culprit is potentially a wrong sensor or a software problem. Check engine lights on later model cars can be anywhere from innocuous to serious, but it is always better to have it checked out by a repair shop.

In early 2000 model Passats, and affecting other models, engine failure has been caused by oil sludge build up. Other than an inherent problem with the car, oil sludge can typically be prevented by following all manufacturer guidelines on oil changes and the type of oil used. Arrange for regular oil changes with a repair shop.

Wiring harness shorts, and other electrical failures, are known to occur at much higher mileages, particular in older Volkswagen Jetta’s. All electrical issues should be brought to a qualified mechanic immediately, in order to avoid potential long-term damage to your vehicle.

Coil failure is a particularly common issue among Volkswagens. Because of that, a qualified repair shop will most always have replacement coils available, ensuring you are back on the road as soon as possible.

Perhaps the most common issues with Volkswagen vehicles are the airbag and check engine light staying on. Often this is only due to a wrong sensor or software problem but should be treated seriously just in case of any underlying, and potentially dangerous, issues.

Volkswagen Maintenance – From Fluids To Error Codes

Common maintenance services we offer for your Volkswagen include: Oil & Filter Changes, Air and Fuel Filter inspection and replacement, Spark Plugs inspection and replacement, Brake, Clutch, Power Steering, and Transmission Fluid Checks, Brake and Brake Component inspection and repair, Belt and Chain inspection and repair, and Error Code checks.

When left unchecked, easily preventable issues can arise. This results in higher costs and less time keeping your Volkswagen on the road.

See a certified Volkswagen specialist to ensure your vehicle is adhering to a strategic maintenance schedule in order to get the most performance and longevity of your vehicle.

Wes’s Wagons: For All Your Volkswagen Needs

Wes’s Wagons is your one-stop auto repair shop in Missoula, MT.

We specialize in all things Volkswagen. We’re fast and affordable with rates that meet or beat most dealerships. This means you get dealership quality work at a much better price!

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