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We get it, your car is your pride and joy and you want nothing but the best working under the hood. At Wes's Wagons LLC, you'll get just that. With comprehensive repairs and services, our certified auto mechanic team will make sure your car is in top condition. Regardless of your vehicle's needs, we are here to deliver top-quality care.

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Your auto repairs can't wait

You should think twice before taking your imported vehicle to a mechanic without the proper tools, knowledge or experience. At our auto repair shop, we specialize in Volkswagen, Audi and Subaru services. You can turn to us for:


Dealing with car problems is both stressful and frustrating, but finding a qualified mechanic doesn't have to be. Wes's Wagons provides comprehensive automotive repairs for: water pumps, gaskets and exhausts, hoses and timing belts, heater cores, diesel exhausts, alternators and starters, headlights and tail lights and fuel systems.


Routine maintenance is key to extending the life of your vehicle. Our auto mechanic can keep your car running smoothly with a full suite of maintenance services that include: oil changes, air filter changes, engine tuning, brake fluid checks, clutch fluid checks, power steering fluid checks, transmission checks and spark plug replacements.


Your check-engine light signals a variety of issues and errors in your car. At our auto repair shop, we provide comprehensive diagnostics to solve your vehicle's problems quickly. Our diagnostics services cover: battery tests, engine performance tests, diagnosing trouble codes, exhaust system checks, fuel economy issues and computer issues.

When you're in need of a quality auto repair shop in Missoula, MT, turn to the experts at Wes's Wagons. Call 406-317-3489 to schedule reliable import auto repairs.