What type of vehicles do you service?

We specialize in Audi, VW and Subaru. We also service most other import brands on case by case basis. We do not service any domestic vehicles

My check engine light is on but nothing seems to be wrong - do I need to get it checked out?

If the light is on solid and not flashing it should be safe to drive TEMPORARILY. If the light is flashing you should pull over and shut the engine off immediately to prevent damage to the engine. Either way you should have it looked at to repair the issue.

What maintenance should I be doing and when?

Regular maintenance is different for each vehicle brand and can also vary between models of the same brand. You can look in your owners manual for the maintenance chart or schedule and appointment for mileage based services.

How should I prepare my car for winter?

Most modern vehicles don't require any specific winterization but it is a good idea to have the coolant protection checked and the battery tested before winter and also in the spring.

If my car is under warranty at the dealership, can I still bring my car to your shop for regular service and not lose my warranty?

Yes we can perform any scheduled maintenance your can needs and will not affect your manufactures warranty.

How do I know if I need an engine replacement?

There are a lot of ways an engine can fail. If you are having strange noises or warning lights it would be time to have it professionally inspected for needed repair advise.