Volkswagen Maintenance Information

Volkswagens are known for representing the American counterculture for the last 50 years or more. Watch a film or read a novel about the “Great American Road Trip” and you can rest assured that a VW van or VW Beetle was the preferred method of transportation.

Although the vehicles have changed, the sentiment is still very much alive. But, before you head out across the country in your own Volkswagen, you must always remember the importance of maintaining your Volkswagen.

By following a proper maintenance schedule, you will be flashing peace signs across the countryside for years to come.

Why Is Scheduled Maintenance So Important?

Although Volkswagens are well regarded for their durable nature and finely engineered features, it is still necessary to maintain your vehicle.

We all know that if you ignore a problem it rarely goes away. Well, when dealing with your Volkswagen, ignoring regularly scheduled maintenance means that any potential problems will never go away and only become worse.

As the mature and accountable Volkswagen owner you are, you are sure to know the value of protecting your investment. If you bring your vehicle to a certified Volkswagen repair shop, you will rest much easier knowing you have taken the proper steps to ensure a long life-span for your vehicle. Should any issues present themselves during the routine service and inspection, the proper mechanic will be able to remedy the situation before it becomes a costly repair.

Recommended Volkswagen Maintenance Schedule

Volkswagen offers many different types of vehicles. But whether you sit behind the wheel of a Beetle, an SUV, a crossover, or a Jetta, and more, it is important that you follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

It is highly recommended that you check your particular model’s owner’s manual, but you can count the following suggestions to be sound advice:

Every 10,000 miles it is advisable that you check all fluid levels, change and replace your oil filter, rotate your tires, and perform visual inspection throughout your vehicle with particular focus on the windshield, wipers, headlights, brake lights, blinkers, and any dashboard warning lights.

As your vehicle ages, it is progressively imperative that you adhere to your maintenance schedule. Your certified Volkswagen technician will be on the lookout for necessary safety red flags like tire tread depth, brake inspections, corrosion, various leaks, and any issues that might pose a threat to your VW, your, or your passengers.

By adhering to a proper maintenance schedule you will help to ensure you are experiencing your Volkswagen’s best performance and your mechanic has the opportunity to spot any potential issues as they arise.

Helpful Volkswagen Maintenance Tips

One of the reassuring qualities of Volkswagen vehicles is that they need much less-frequent service to keep them running well. Changing the spark plugs, breaker points, and condenser used to be a seasonal exercise, and body rust was accepted as a normal, if unfortunate, hazard of aging. Now many spark plugs can go 100,000 miles between changes. Electronic ignition has done away with the points and condenser. Chassis, suspensions, and even some transmissions are lubed for life. And factory rust-through warranties typically run six years or longer. What’s more, reliability has improved significantly. The result is that most late-model VW’s should be able to go 200,000 miles with regular upkeep.

But this does not mean that you should ignore preventative maintenance and solely rely on professional expertise. By regularly checking your engine oil, fluid levels, tire pressure, wiper blades, etc., you can often spot problems on your own.

Although you are keen on your car, you still need to listen to your service advisor. Every member of the VW service team at Wes’s Wagons is trained to inspect, identify, and correct any needs your Volkswagen may need. Safety is our main priority when it comes to inspecting each vehicle.

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