Proper Subaru Maintenance

Subaru Vehicle Maintenance

Subaru MaintenanceYour vehicle is an important investment. Like any investment, careful monitoring and consistent attention to changes in performance are crucial to a positive net return; in the same way, consistent routine maintenance on your Subaru can save you dividends, and render potential repair costs reduced, or even nonexistent. Your Subaru, when properly maintained, can last you up to 300,000 miles of safe, unhindered travel.

But What Constitutes Proper Maintenance For Your Subaru?

You may be surprised to find that there is much more you can do than a simple oil change or tire rotation when it comes to sustaining your optimally maintained Subaru, and both your vehicle and your bank account will thank you in the long run.

Keeping your vehicle in good working order also ensures the safety of you and your family, or any other potential passengers riding with you. Depending on your specific model of Subaru, the maintenance schedule will vary slightly but there are a number of things you can do with regard to any Subaru in order to sustain its optimal performance, safety, and longevity.

Changing Your Engine Oil Regularly

One crucial aspect of maintenance for any Subaru is to properly monitor and change your engine’s oil. Today’s Subarus require an oil change every 6,000 miles traveled, or 6 months, whichever occurs first.

It is important to note that your vehicle’s engine will consume oil during normal operation; this consumption can be reduced, however, by limiting the amount of time your vehicle idles and limiting (if possible) frequent acceleration and deceleration (like you’d experience in a stop-and-go situation). Other factors that impact oil consumption are extreme temperatures, sustained high rpm engine operation (frequent highway or hilly-terrain driving), and frequent engine braking (downshifting for deceleration).

Maintaining adequate, clean engine oil also positively impacts your gas mileage. In fact, your vehicle’s fuel economy is tied directly to a number of maintenance practices, and staying abreast of these will ensure that your vehicle continues to perform at its best, while at the same time saving you significant money at the pump.

Maintain Your Tire Pressure, Coolant & Brake Fluid Levels

Maintaining adequate tire pressure, coolant, and brake fluid levels, and keeping a clean air filter, are some of the major maintenance factors impacting your mileage. Air filter maintenance is also of crucial importance; filters capture and contain airborne contaminants to keep your vehicle’s HVAC system, and your lungs, clean.

Restricted airflow in your Subaru’s cabin is a good indication that your filter is in need of a change. If your vehicle was manufactured in 2014 or before, your air filter should be replaced every 7,500 miles; if your vehicle was manufactured in 2015 or after, your air filter should be replaced every 12,000 miles.

If you are in need of information regarding specific vehicle maintenance schedules and procedures, it’s always a good idea to give your owner’s manual a thorough review, as it contains any and all information you may need regarding such practices. Also, be sure to check out our helpful Subaru service tips where you will find even more information.

Spending a bit of time and money now on ensuring proper maintenance for your Subaru can save large amounts of both in the future. Beyond that, consistent and thoughtful maintenance can significantly increase your vehicle’s trade-in or resale value, ensuring that your investment was a worthwhile one.