Subaru Service

Important Subaru Service Information

Subaru ServiceYou know that feeling when you whip your Subaru onto the road and the responsiveness of the drivetrain snaps so quick that your hands feel electrified as the engine vibrates through the steering wheel?

That feeling is exactly why you chose Subaru when investing in your vehicle. Do you also know the feeling when the handling seems to pull in an odd direction or there is a subtle sputtering in that once roaring engine? Then chances are that you might need to pay more attention to regular Subaru service and maintenance.

Find A Specialized Subaru Service Center

Like any vehicle, to ensure that your Subaru retains its top performance and dependability, keeping up with regular service is necessary. Your vehicle operates from a series of mechanical devices that work in tandem to keep your car operating. When one of them is neglected, larger mechanical problems often manifest. By taking your car in regularly to a specialized Missoula Subaru Mechanic, you can ensure that your vehicle sticks to its regular service schedule.

From Replacing Filters To Transmission & Engine Inspections

Many of the regular service needs for your Subaru are based on mileage tracking. Nearly every vehicle owner knows that replacing your oil at certain intervals (depending on your vehicle and engine type) keeps the engine running as it should. However, there are a number of other regular service needs that should be completed at different intervals.

Every 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 miles it is important to perform the following tasks in order to keep your Subaru healthy: Replacing oil filter and drain plug washer, drive belt inspection and adjustment, cooling fan inspection, transmission fluid replacement, tire rotation, brake system inspection including pads, lines, hoses, and fluids, suspension and steering system inspection, battery check, wiper blade inspection, heat shield and exhaust system inspection, differential fluid in front and rear, radiator and cooling system inspection, over-all level on all fluids inspection,  transmission and engine mount inspection, air filter replacement, timing belt inspection.

As you can see, there are many different elements to ensuring the proper operation of your vehicle. The above tasks are limited to regular service and maintenance schedules. Your Subaru may also need one or more of the following tasks performed: Pollen Filter replacement (if installed), Engine coolant inspection and testing, inspection and replacement of spark plugs, computer system scanning, recall checks, and PCV valve replacement.

Keep Your Subaru Operating Properly & Safely

While the warranty and service maintenance booklet included with our Subaru may list the necessary service schedule, it is important to take your vehicle into a Subaru specialized mechanic that can ensure its continued operation at top performance. Wes’s Wagons offers years of experience in keeping Subarus operating safely and dependably on the road.

Whether you are in need of tasks performed for your regular service schedule or small engine repairs, our Master Certified mechanics are experienced in your Subaru needs. Don’t risk letting an all-purpose auto shop operate on your beloved Subaru. Make sure to choose a mechanic that has the experience to take care of all of your Subaru needs. Call Wes’s Wagons to schedule your regular Subaru maintenance today!